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for Tropheus owners

sycho zebra

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Hi guys,

I have cycled a new tank specially for tropheus but my water seems not to be right.

there is no NO2, NO3 and no NH4,NH3 but, I have a ph of 9, Kh 16 but the Gh is 16 aswell, I know the Gh is suppose to be around 12 deg, so how do i drop the Gh without dropping the Kh.

Your help would be much appreciated.


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Hi zebra,

Me and some friends breed tropheus inc blue/red rainbow, moliro, bemba orange and duboisi....we find that they are not that inflexible in regards to water parameters that they cant adjust to your local tapp water with the addition of some buffer solution (such as an all in one seachem type) plus aragonite type calcerouse materials in filtration and substrate (provided your tapp water 7.5 pH already).

Basically I dont think its worth manipulation your water to such an extent that its a nightmare to do a water change..its better to keep water changes frequent than to have the water replicating lake Tanganyika in every aspect...who knows maybe someone else will think differently!!!


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Hi David,

General hardness or “total hardness” is a measure of the magnesium and calcium in the water. Tropheus are most likely to appear vibrant and colourful in aquariums with a general hardness around 10-12 degrees. gH also will not take too long to decrease over a period of days and is not as important as kH and pH. These last two are linked - if your kH is kept up with buffering then your pH automatically goes up in proportion.

You could do a partial water change but then all the other components would also drop dry.gif .

Test it over the next couple of days but this is usually a case of trial and error until you hit the right measures for your set up. I usually find that I get into more trouble playing around with my buffers as opposed to leaving them as is LOL.gif .


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thanks for the replies smile.gif

Hey Aline, I still dont have any fish in my tank yet as I am planning to get some very soon, I just wanted to make sure i had all parameters right, so I dont think a water change is really viable IMO dntknw.gif , But then again I've never kept Tropheus before either .


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