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the ole' L164


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Since its been a couple of months since the real L168 came into the country I though it might be a good time to ask (just for interests sake) whether anybody was seeing some spawning action yet. I've seen some thumper individuals come through the LFSs lately and I'm sure somebody is having a crack at breeding them.

While were on the subject, the same question goes for all those lucky enough to snap up a few "mistaken identity" L104s.

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Come on you L# fanatics, surely someone "knows a guy who knows a guy" that is trying to breed them. wink2.gif

L104s came through Perth for about 2 weeks when L168 first became allowable. They started slow but as soon as everybody realised they were a different species they went like hotcakes. I'd estimate there are at least 10 people in Perth with potential breeding colonies, nevermind those over east. I was just a little too slow on picking up on the fact they were mislabelled sad.gif otherwise you had better believe I would have had half a dozen.

My months, intrerest and weather are like intervals
I must be thick as I have no idea what that means confused.gif .

Dob, point taken about the spelling, but I reckon I can say the same for your punctuation LOL.gif


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