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Reliable, value for money canister filters?


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Guys I'm after a little advice. I recently bought two canisters at the cheaper end of the market and I have had no end to the problems. The main one is that they are not water tight.

Can anybody suggest a quality value for money filter which has a reliable sealing mechanism, as well as where I can pick them up at the best price.

I am looking for all sizes, with water flow at about 600-1200 lph.

Thanks for your input.


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Which ones did you get (so we know what to avoid); PM if you like.

Personally I have found the Rena Filstar XP3 and the Fluval 204 to be reliable, with the Rena probably better in design (no bypass, easy clean), but the Fluval more silent. They should be in the low $200 to mid-$300 range.

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hi russ

ive been using ehiem and fluval for ages even in marine tanks. as with any filter stay on the higher side of flow rate. i was in atlantis (lansvale) last week, they had larger ehiems at terrific prices. these pumps are an absolute investment,they run quiet, parts are available (when eventually required)and will give years of reliable service. ---- site sponsor or not, they at least need to know if the product if faulty.how about warranty.

regards colfish

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The filters came with a two year warranty, but the fuss of explaining to a mate why the tank you have set up is leaking all over his carpet is not covered by the warranty.

I think that it is unanemous, spend a little more money and enjoy fish keeping.

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I use a Via Aqua 750 (1200LPH) and i have had no problems with it what so ever, i also know of a few people with these and i have never heard a bad word about them...

I have seen them for $140 i paid $170 for mine about 5 months ago....

They have just change the packaging aswell wit the new packaging being labelled as a Aqua One and old stock still Via Aqua..

Hope that helps smile.gif

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Well said Fozzi

You really do get what you pay for. Eheim are the top of the range, and you get a top quality product which also comes at a top quality price. Personally I dont feel that I need something that expenisve, and have used other brands in the past with no hassles at all.

Russ, the filter which you bought may have been a cheap one, and in this case the "get what you pay for" saying means that it might not last much past the 2 yr warranty mark, while an eheim should last a lot longer. (I have an old-school fluval which would be well over 15 yrs old, still goes well)

Even the cheapest filter on the market should be expected to work as a filter. It might not be as quiet or efficient as a more expensive one, but it should not leak.

You should be able to expect the filter to work properly for the entire warranty period, and more hopefully.

All the sponsors on this site are reputable businesses, and I cannot imagine you would have any troubles returning the filter if it does not work properly. The filter is under warranty, and not working, so they have an obligation to you as a customer. I suggest contacting them and seeing what they can do to help you out, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

Same goes for you grouch, contact the person you bought the filter from and let them know about the 'dodgy workmanship'. Most retailers do not want to be selling goods with known problems like that so they will more than likely appreciate the feedback so that they dont end up with more unhappy customers.

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I currently have an eheim 2215, and a resun ae808 running and both work well.

The resun is less than half the price and works well, but you can tell the difference in quality.

The eheim has

- better quality media (i added some extra media to the resun, matrix and better filter wool)

- is slightly quieter

- no water can bypass the filter media (a small amount does in the resun)

- the eheim actual flow is a lot closer to its indicated rating

But at less than half the price, you can run a larger model, or two instead of one eheim....

Personally i prefer trickle filters, wet/dry filters unless space is a concern.

To keep the rubber seals conditioned (water tight), i very lightly coat the rubber with petroleum jelly, after every filter clean.

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Eheim is the best... its like a long term investment.

I also have a Fluval 303 and it has been very reliable (not for 304...)

Please check this web site for the cheapest Eheim deal!

It is http://www.seame.com

Thanks to strong Aussie $$$, so we can buy Eheim cheaper than be4.

It is postage FREE too. So better check them out.

I am not with them and I have no business intention here. I got this site from my friends with saltwater tanks.



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i know this reply is late,but i hope it helps you anyway.Being a bit of a cannister filter junkie,i have tried quite a few of the different ones on the market.i currently run 8 ehiems,2 resun 808's and two aqua 1 cf 1200's.A few of my ehiems are over 10 years old and still going strong.A while back i bought 2 Hailea cannisters and had no end of trouble with them...the main problem being the seal,the best i could get was a slight weeping from the top.The head of the filter(that houses the motor)also kept filling up with water.The shop i got these two from replaced them twice,but we always had these two problems and i ended up buying two ehiems.The 2 resuns are going strong but need the impellors replaced every 12 months....the aqua 1's are new so i'll have to reserve judgement on them(they do put out a good flow rate)End of the day you get what you pay for,so if you can aford it go with ehiem......the classic 2217 would be ideal for what you want

cheers smile.gif

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I've been running a ViaAqua300 and its VERY quiet and efficient. Its got a massive media area and is very easy to clean.

Had a slight problem when i ought it as the clamps for the hoses were from the filter one size up and didnt fit, but the store swapped them for me and its been full steam ahead ever since wink.gif

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HI Dave

Well you have 3 options to start with , you can opt for a canister , or a mini reef but that would mean your tank would have to be drilled its a very efficient method of keeping your tank clean involves little work once its all setup or you could opt for a side drop filter which a lot of people use , they are also very efficient and run on air however you would need to buy your tank with it set up already its hard to explain however i think its on one of the faq's on here somewhere.


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i also had trouble finding a canister that would meat my needs, for realistic price.

So I built my own canister filter.....

It cost just over $200 , has a 50 liter capacity, and pumps at 2000 L/hour.

Just something for you all to think about....

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