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Endangered fish for NSWCS list


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A few ppl are asking what the rare fish are on the NSWCS species protection programme.

Here they are:

Etroplus maculatus

Etroplus suratensis

"Pseudotropheus" livingstonii

Krobia itanyi

Guianacara geayii

Breeding these fish and selling them through the club will get you:

2x points in our breeders competition

Exemption from the one bag/species rule at mini-auctions for bags of the above species.

Increase in the number of lots of these five fish you can take to the larger auctions

No tarriff taken by the NSWCS for money gained by selling these fish through the NSWCS!

Conditions apply

Full details and conditions will be published in the NSWCS magazine available next month!!


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Does anyone know the where-abouts of any of these fish? I am interested in the Pseudotropheus livingstonii. If anyone has these or knows where i could get some could they email me at saulosi(at)optusnet.com.au.


Josh and Evelyn

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