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Cyprochromis Malasa


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I have some Cyprochromis leptosoma Malasa which have just started breeding. I have a couple of questions:

what is the usual period the female holds them in her mouth before the fry can be safely removed; and

how many fry are there usually in a "mouthful".

It appears to me from my limited observation that the answer to the latter question is about 4 fry which seems quite low to me.



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Hey David,

The normal holding period is around 21 days and will vary slightly depending on water temperature.

I find the cyp's usually have around 8-12 fry per mouthful when more mature. The younger females will have 4-6 as you stated.

I have had the odd occassion where a female has had up to 20 fry.



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in addition to the information grant has given you;

i have mine in a species only tank and theyve populated the tank 8fold.

i just leave them to release naturally and i dont suffer any losses.i got a school of them going.

1cm fry grow beside their 6 cm siblings and adults no injury.

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Thanks guys.

I have them in with some juvenile cyathopharynx foai. Do you think they would be safe?

I am inclined to let this one just spit out the fry and see how they go. My bigger concern is that they would get sucke into the powerhead or my eheim.


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havent had foai of any good size but id guess they might eat them.

maybe be safer to wait almost 3 weeks and strip then.mine spit fry pretty easy when netted so if i touch them early they might spit eggs.

had a femele or 2 in frysavers they jumped out without a lid.but then i put the lid on the ice cream frysaver and fry success survival.

as i said i dont need to bother with strip or fry saving now.free swimming.

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Agree wait about 16days then strip her or catch her and move her to another tank, (what i do) or a BIG fry saver, if you catch her after 3 weeks or 20 day mark there is tendancy for them to spit the fry.

Also the foai will eat anything that looks like it could be food, strange fish they can be.

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