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Giant Hygrophilia


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I just purchased a plant from a LFS labelled as giant hygrophilia. On inspecting the plant in the bag after leaving the shop I notice the plant has no roots, only stems? Have I been ripped off or will this grow by planting the stalks? I have no idea about plants so any help will be much appreciated.


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They should be fine mate, i know other hygrophilia is extremely hardy and is very prolific, so you shouldn't have a problem.

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They're stem plants. The come as cuttings and grow very rapidly. If you have enough light and fertiliser, u will be cutting back this plant regularly and the cuttings can be stuck back into the gravel to grow.

Giant hygro is usually sold in shops as an emersed grown cutting. Once you bring it home and grow it submersed (ie underwater), the leaf shape and leaf colour changes to a more slender shape and a lime green colour. Very nice plant.

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With the right lighting hygro variants can look fantastic, particularly the red hygro. The only problem being of course that if you dont have sufficient lighting and iron levels it tends to go green.

I looked up giant hygrophilia in the aquarium plants encyclopedia I had laying around and here is some info for you on your newly acquired flora:

Scientific Name: Hygrophilia corymbosa

Synonym: Nomaphilia Stricta

Origin: India, Indonesia.

Maximum Height: 50cm

Growth Rate: Medium to Fast

Best area for aquascaping: Background to midground

Light: Moderate to Bright

Temperature: 20-28 degrees celcius

Propogation: From cuttings and side shoots

Difficulty: Beginner.

Here are some exerts from the extended description:

".... tolerant of a wide range of aquarium conditions, but may not do well in softer water"

"... it is not fussy about substrates or quality"

"..... the plant can be grouped, allow at least 5-6cm between shoots"

"..... if the leaves areyellow, add more iron or C02"

"..... can be kept in cooler water"

There you go mate. Hope that helps smile.gif

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