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My Fluval 304 sprang a leak the other day. Looks like the lock rings have seen better days. Can anyone let me know a LFS that stocks these parts (prefer close to liverpool area, or mail order). It would save me ringing around all over the place. they wouldnt be more than a few bucks for a set would they? confused.gif


Should I go for the DIY solution and just get some hose clamps and take the broken plastic bits off and just clamp the hoses straight on?

Thanks heaps.



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I'll back darkmuncan on this one as well. Go for the DIY solution, much better and a LOT cheaper as well. yes.gif

Just be a little careful not to over tighten the clamps.

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Well I got the stainless steel hose clamps, but buy the results I think they were too small. shock.gif I was twisting the hose with the clamp on and opened to the max and while trying and force it on, suddenly it broke.

What to do now? Keep going with the DIY? seal the next bit down with silicone and put bigger hose over it with a steel tube inside the bigger hose like this so I can adapt it to the original size hose?



Has anyone here had to do this before?

TIA smile.gif

Here is a pic of what happened.

Ed. smile.gif

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your screwed now

nah, not at all

go for the 'sleeve' approach. but get some 'thread tape' [no, not gaffer tape for crook threads here] available at any h/ware, $2 shop. wrap it around the the broken thread a few times, keep it stretched tight while winding it around, use a piece of hose to fit over this part and your original hose inside it

should get you out of trouble


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My suggestion is to get a small pice of PVC or even plasitc tube, and insert in through the broken peice and the main plastic structure, so it acts as an inner tube. Then use PVC cement to make the seal and it shouldn't move at all.

The other option is to give Nigel a call he might be able to help:

Nigel's Cichlids repairs

Hope this helps.

With regards,


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I'm having trouble picking the difference between the original and your repair LOL.giftongue.gif

Seriously, nice job! I reckon the repair will well and truly outlast the filter smile.gif

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