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custom aquarium design


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i am enclosing the area under an internal staircase and am working on a design for an inbuilt aquarium and cupboards.

I will have to have the tank custom made as due to the space available the size is not standard. It will be 900mm wide x 850d x 640h.

The bottom of the tank will be 870 off the ground, which makes the top of the tank about 1510 high (almost my eye level). I will have access into the top of the tank from 2 sides. One side is blocked by the staircase, the other by the wall behind.

I like the idea of the tank being reasonably high so the fish are almost at eye level but wonder if it will be a nightmare to clean and maintain. It might be difficult to get to the bottom of the tank, especially towards the enclosed corner.

I would appreciate any comments from other people who have installed tanks in similar situations.



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That's very similar to my tank


Mine is set into a corner and yes, reaching the back corner is nearly impossible.

I have a stronger-then-needed pump running my filter and that seems to stir some of the gunk off the bottom and keep things clean.

When things get too bad I just use a long bit of conduit attached to a hose to syphon from the hard-to-reach places.

Build a weir into your back corner and hide all your filtration below. It will be a great looking tank!

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