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Please keep posted images small (under 800x600). Not everyone views the page at 1024x768 or greater. There is a 20 image limit and a 1000kb size limit for all posts on the forums, they must be hosted by yourself. Remember that any individual image over 500k is getting a bit ridiculous. Most pictures look fine on the net if they are around 50kb in size.

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For those not too sure how to post pics:

Most people have allocated webspace that comes with an internet account. This ranges from around 10MB to 50MB in most cases. You can use this space to store websites or simply a bunch of pictures.

For the purpose of this explanation, our username is "username", our ISP is called "internetcompany" and the picture we want to upload from our computer is called "picture1".

First of all you will probably need to use an image program to resize your picture to stay inline with the image pixel size and memory size stated in the post above this one. There are plenty of free ones including:

Microsoft paint

Microsoft photo editor (both these should already be on your PC if you are running windows)

Fastone photo resizer

Google search of other image resizer programs

Alternatively there are plenty of good illustration / photo programs about including photoshop, corel draw, paintshop pro etc.

Once you can manipulate images so they can be viewed easily on the internet, it's time to upload them. The program I recommend is WS_FTP, which you can download free here, to trial it, but most PC magazines have a shareware version in their free CD's. Alternatively, there is Cute_FTP, FTP Commander etc, all of which you can download here. Using a file transfer program is easy. Just have a read of their help files and you'll be an expert in 30 minutes.

Your ISP provided webspace will most likely look like this:


You should either see the ISP homepage or ring them to confirm what your webspace address will look like.

You can upload pictures directly into the public_html folder in your FTP program (which will be the default folder once you log into your account through your FTP program) and the address of your picture will be:


Alternatively you can create different folders on your computer and upload entire folders via FTP. Say you wanted to track all your photos easily, you could create a folder on your computer called "fish" and another called "family" (and so on). Then simply upload the entire folder into the public_html folder and each time simply add future pics to the appropriate folder via FTP.

If you had your picture in your "fish" folder, your url for that pic will now be:


Copy the url to the clipboard.

If you don't have personal webspace, the best online space is probably Photobucket. Create a free account and upload your pictures as described in their website.

Once you upload your pics, view the one you want to post on this forum, right click on it and select "properties". Highlight the url text and copy it to clipboard.

Photobucket is easy to use, but having the pics on personal webspace is still preferable, as it is "your" space which you can use as you see fit, and you can't create websites on photobucket down the track with those photos.

Ok! Now posting the picture once you have the url is the easy bit. You now have a url of the picture you want to post on your clipboard. When you want to insert it into your post, simply click on the "IMG" button above the window where you are typing in your post. A popup window will appear and you paste the url into the space provided.

A BBcode line should appear similar to this (but not in bold):

%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.internetcompany.com.au/username/fish/picture1.jpg[ /IMG]

Once you submit the post, the picture should appear in the post.

Get posting! :thumb

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