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Herp Specific requirements


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Are you licensed? No animal may be transferred from one keeper to another without appropriate licensing. This is the law, and a mandate from the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

If selling an animal, you are to clearly state the licence level you hold. If wanting to buy an animal, you must do the same. No exceptions will be entertained.

Licensing Information can be found via this link

What is the animal's state of health?

The following are required of each seller:

Age; Size; Overall condition; Feeding (y or n); What it is being fed on; How well it handles; etc.

Will you import/export?

A seller/buyer must indicate whether or not they are willing to sell to/buy from someone outside their state.

It is to be understood that transactions of reptiles or amphibians will include the arrangement of appropriate import/export permits from the local authority.

Although we allow the discussions of EXOTIC HERPS, the trading of EXOTICS will not be permitted to ensure compliance with Australian Law.

The webmaster, administrators or moderators of the ACE forums reserve the right to remove any postings from this forum at their discretion. Such removal may occur without warning.

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