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Water problem?


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Hi Guys/Gals

i'm having a slight issue with my water at the moment (atleast i think its the water)

I've got a 5'x2'x2'

filtration is 2x Fluval 404's and 1 x Fluval 304.

2 x 300w heaters keep the water @ 26-27°c

PH is 7.2ish at the moment

Doing 20-30% water changes every saturday.


My heaters failed on sunday night and when i checked the temp when i got home from work on monday night it was 23°c. I found 2 dead Clown Loaches (4cm - bought them on saturday) and 1 dead BN (10cm - had for about a month).

I assumed the sudden drop of 4°c was to blame, but when i came home from work tonight i noticed another of the 4cm loach's had died during the day. Last night i watched all my loach's and they all seemed active and feed.

The fact its died 2 days after the water temp has stabilised has got me worried, as much as i hate to loose a Clown Loach, i have far more expensive and favourite fish in the tank, so i would really like to nip any problems in the Butt before they get too serious.

I'm taking a water sample to my LFS on saturday to get checked just incase.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

and no i don't have any other test kits at the moment smile.gif

thanks in advance


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I agree with Citypainter. Water in such a large tank would take quite a while to cool, so it wouldn't be shock related. If anything I would suggest they experienced shock from your transfer to your tank from the shop, not from the temp drop.

The bristlenose? Harder to say, but definately not from the temperature, they aren't as happy in 27degree water as they are in 23. They are known to breed much better at slightly lower than tropical temps.

Taking a water sample to your lfs on Saturday will be nearly useless. By that time your water would have stabilised, and any spikes you may have experienced will probably have balanced out.

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Definately not the temp change. My 6 loaches survived a temp change from 27 degrees to 19 degrees for a whole day and so did all my other fish. All my bristlenoses survived too. I dont know what it is, could be the shock of bring them home, another theory i have is could be due to lack of oxygen in the tank somehow.

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could be the shock of bring them home, another theory i have is could be due to lack of oxygen in the tank somehow.

I guess this raises the further question of how much surface movement is required in a tank to ensure that there is adequate oxygen.

I have seen Dark Muncan's tank and he has an airstone that is constantly breaking the surface, whether this is enough I am not sure.

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What are the other fish in the tank? Were the loaches well established or newer additions. Loaches can be hardy, but when small they can sometimes be very touchy IMO. Maybe its the stresses of being imported and collected the way they are dntknw.gif . I agree that the loaches wouldnt mind a bit about 23 degrees. They would probably enjoy it for a while.

I'd maybe think about taking some tap water down to be tested too.



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