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Alto Calvus Tank set up


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Hello I have my tank now and am in the process of cycling the tank with my convicts.

I would like to see pictures or descriptions of how everyone has set their Tanks up, substarte,decorations (shells etc).

I have a aqua clear 300 on the tank 4x18x18 is this enough for a breeding colony of these guys??



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Hi Mike,

That size tank is perfect for a colony of calvus.

My Alto. setups are very spartan. Bare bottom, a few rocks and a few home made caves. Not much to look at, but good for breeding and maintanance.

And usually a few bristlenoses to keep the glass clean from slime. Very rarely do I need to clean the inside glass smile.gif

If you want it to look good as well, don't take any tips from me LOL.gif


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sorry fins,but as you know altos and bn's both use shells

i'd hate to think when the altos breed what will happen to

the alto's eggs or fry.

keep the bn young and give them their own caves.

It hasn't stopped my colonies from producing wink.gif

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