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  1. Fins

    Warmer weather.

    haha, 8 tanks.. mig welder yeah embrace it and enjoy!
  2. Fins

    Warmer weather.

    Careful Brad, you might catch MTS
  3. Fins

    DIY gravel vac

    yes, in a breed room you need to move water fast. I have tried a larger diameter hose, but it drained the display tank too quickly before I could vacuum the gravel properly, so I went back to a standard garden hose. Takes longer to clean, but I only have the one tank :D
  4. Fins

    DIY gravel vac

    Was doing a water change last weekend and wanted to vacuum the gravel, so I quickly made this....
  5. Fins

    T. duboisi

    They were sold to me as local bred stock, so generation unknown. I've had them since juvies and they have started to breed. What impressed me was how good they are as parents. The girls would hold full term from the first go. I would see them release the young into a pile of rocks and then take them back in. At this stage the young would be 1cm!
  6. Fins

    T. duboisi

    Thanks guys, quite happy with myself just using a phone camera
  7. Fins

    Sump advice

    I use AQUAMAXX 50 MICRON FILTER PAD http://thereefshop.com.au/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=15&products_id=2258&zenid=227bc572e6983055eaae8a911fe6c344 but that was before I knew about Everhard Drain Matting http://www.bunnings.com.au/everhard-600mm-x-6m-drain-matting_p4770242 If the Aquamaxx ever wears out, I will switch to drain matting I put the used matting into a bucket with bleach, every month I run them all through the washing machine.
  8. Fins

    Sump advice

    I would imagine the sump should be vacuumed occasionally to remove the brown stuff. I have a very simple sump on my display tank. 2 chambers single partition, media and pump. I'm one of those that do water changes by completely draining the sump. I just stick the hose in and let it drain, and while its draining I clean the main tank glass. I rarely drain water directly from the display tank. My media and pump chamber stays pretty clean because I use a 100 micron filter cloth as the first point of water entry. It clogs up within 3~4 days and needs replacing. Right or wrong,
  9. Fins

    Pumps in sumps

    Hands up all guilty of doing this?
  10. I use a paint scraper with 9cm wide metal blade. Magnetic cleaners scare me, I seem to always get sand caught in it. I also seem to scratch the outside of the glass with magnetic cleaners
  11. Hi, For those of us who are after them, would you mind telling us where your getting them from?
  12. Is Germany the only country supplying to Aus? What about importing via the asian countries, wild africans via Singapore? I always get jealous of my brother who works in Hong Kong. He has wild Alto. calvus in his display.
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