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News article: cryopreservation in aquaculture

Willy Wombat

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Link to news article

Im thinking highly valuable species like koi, etc might end up using a system like this in the not too distant future.

Interesting potential.

I guess for the entrepreneurs - it would also have some interesting smuggling potential. blink.gif

By the way - Obviously i wouldnt support the use of this technology to create more hybrids in the ornamental hobby. I was more angling at "stud" breeding from the really good stock.

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If the eggs weren't illegal, the sphagnum moss was rolleyes.gif

An easy way to determine if it was illegal would be

A. did he declare it to customs.

B. were they kept in AQIS supervised/approved quarantine?

I am thinking the answer is no to both of these questions.

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It depends if he lives in Australia or not, and how long ago he did this!

Koi are not actually on the live animal import schedule - so importing viable eggs these days would make it illegal. Koi can actually carry a number of nasty diseases that are exotic to Australia - so i would definately recomend that this practice not be repeated by others. If a disease was to come in you would feel pretty terrible if you were the person(s) responsible for stopping Australian exporters from conducting valuable business. no2.gifsad.gif


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