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Fishing at "The Entrance" / Terrigal


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Hey guys,

the family wants to plan a weekend trip to The Entrance/Terrigal tomrw (Sat) morning.

I consistently hear that there are good fishing spots up there, but where exactly are they? Will most probably be fishing at sunset.

Any advice/exact locations would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! smile.gif

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I have been fishing in and around there all my life. how far are you willing to drive?

Unfortunately, IMO The Entrance is about as overfished it gets. Still get a good haul of prawns in the channel on the right moonphase/tidal run but hardly worth wetting a line actually in the entrance. I would be looking at some of the piers and jetties or breakwalls in Brisbane Water (ie. Woy Woy) for land based, or launching a boat and heading over toward the rip bridge, or round half tide rocks (neither spot I would recommended for dicey boats, or dicey boaters.)

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Guest african-au

hey nova

my favorite fishing spot is erraring power station (north)

its 10 minutes past swansea

best fished @ 8pm to 2am

huge bream for the smarter angler thumbsupsmileyanim.gif

no need to cast far at all,just drop your line directly in front of you!

there is a very strong current & it almost looks impossible to fish!

but a very rewarding fishing spot!

light tackle only-

(do not use heavy sinkers)

best & highly recommended bait is chicken breast fillet cut into stripes & parmesan cheese!

should end up looking like battered fish !

ok you will need to look up web site to erraring power station as there is a closure for breeding season!

my kids love the action of big fish on the end of a little k-mart fishing rod clap.gif

good luck


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thanks John and Chris!

fished on saturday under some bridge. not sure of the name, but you could wade in as it was a very shallow sandbank. caught a couple of 40cm flatheads on lures. but i only spend about 1.5 hours there.

Chris, didn't get your reply until i returned, but would love to make another trip back to your spot!

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