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Canberra National Zoo & Aquarium

Dark Morelia

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Hey All,

I was dragged to Canberra with my Mum to visit relatives on saturday night, but on Monday we took a trip to the "National Zoo & Aquarium".

Zoo Pics !

Apologies as a lot of the pics aren't up to scratch, but i was in a sleep-deprived-(no airpumps!)-sickness-induced zombie state, but i singled out the better ones and even they needed a lot more touching up in pshop than usual laugh.gif

I was really impressed with the new zoo parts, as last time i was there it was just an aquarium with a bear exhibit ! thumb.gif




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Yeah laugh.gif

I shoulda got a pic of the "African Cichlids Display Tank" it looked more like CA decor and all i could see at the time was one lonely fronty and a few OB Zeb's (at least i think that's what they were dntknw.gif )

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