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hobbies other than fish


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I play with cars, doing them up, racing (proper amature racing) etc. Yep, I'm a hoon.

I play Magic the Gathering (trading card game) with mates & Magic Online (same thing over the net) Yep, I'm a big nerd too (I work in IT as well, PC/Network support)

I drink with mates a bit, yep I'm an alco.

I watch TV shows & movies with the wife, yep I'm whipped.

I also spend time on interweb forums dedicated to cars & stuff as well as the ACE forum.

I think that covers it.

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Cars - Motorbikes

Piercing - Tattoos

Music - Playing guitar






Jack Daniels

Video Games - Tony Hawk Underground 2

ect ect

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Girlfriend <------------------takes up 20% of my time and about 70% of my money... laugh.gif

Uni <--------------------------------------------------Uni and work takes up 60% of my time

Music (lots of different genres)<-------------------listen while working or doing homework

Rest of my time is with my fish and general leasure time such as fishing, or on the net or out drinking a few.

Anthony cool.gif

EDIT: oops yep the girlfriend should have been up the top laugh.gif

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lepperfish its quite funny to see that you your girlfriend at the top of the list whereas the people who are married put them either last or down the line laugh.gifclap.gif come on the rest of you lets jump in its good to see what we all get up to when we hang our fish nerd hats up for the day

ps gswalker what type of martial arts do you study?

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Pet Python

Annoying all the local fish shops just by hanging out in there laugh.gif

Playing Trumpet

Geeking it up online.

Canadian Club

Girlfriend takes up alot of my time.

Uni: Justice Studies (starts in a week dry.gif )

I also spend heaps of time at the beach surfing / snorkelling thumb.gif

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The other 3 things my life revolves arounds are.


Fishing (obsessed)

And lastly music i cannot live without it i wish the big day out was every day.


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I thought this was supposed to be hobbies, how did girlfriends and wives get into the mix??????????????


baseball (catcher, pitcher)

trying to keep body from breaking up

general around the house crap

oh yes did I mention surfing and baseball


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Well recenty i got my own boat so have been exploring Lake Maquarie. Only a few time becasue i havnt got my boat license yet.

Enjoy my computer games ( Battlefield 1942 )

Model trains ( love my trains )

And Golf. Golf is my favourite i try and get out once a week atleast.


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When I had the time...indoor cricket, softball, soccer, gardening, photography, fishing. I used to play the saxophone and I still part with the odd dollar or two at the TAB blush.gif Most of my time is now taken up with tanks...making them, selling them, travelling around looking at them, cleaning them, moving them, talking about them....you get the picture dry.gifwoot.gif

merjo smile.gif

PS> poxboy...what stables do you ride for?

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There are quite a few that take up my time. Excluding my wife and five kids I am also interested in

1. Beekeeping, (honey bees and native bees)

2. Environmental work (endagered species in the Springwood area)

3. Golf

4. Poultry

5. Exhibiting Livestock


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This is my list:

Scuba diving (teaching and now underwater photography)

Ice hockey (my main sporting love at the moment)

Snowboarding (my second love - I should have been born in Canada laugh.gif )


Surfing (although haven't been for a while now)



Reading (can't go more than a day or two before starting a new book)

Bearded dragons

My dogs

My wife laugh.gif Don't tell her I put her at the bottom as well blush.gifwub.gif

But the number one thing in my life right now (and would give everything else up for it if I had to make a choice wink.gif ):

user posted image

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Hmm... hobbies other than fish....

  • Sleeping laugh.gif
  • Fishing
  • Bird-keeping (Primarily finches, game birds, and cockatiels)
  • Bird watching (feathered and un-) wink.gif
  • Flight-simming
  • Plane-spotting
  • Reading (Sci-fi/Fantasy)
  • Learning HTML and such
  • Watching Animé
That's about it unsure.gif


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