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Species Preservation Programme


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Does anyone from the NSWCS know if there are any further plans to add more species to the list of selected species put up last year? I've been seeing around quite a few green chromides so the idea must be working. Also Anthony was talking a while back about a threat of a number of cichlid species being mainly from Central America that were being targeted for the noxious species list. Has there been anymore info on this? I've unfortunately missed a fair few meetings lately sadsmiley02.gif



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The reason why green chromides were on the list is that we were apparently down to only one adult male in the whole of Australia. ohmy.gif

Someone in Perth got hold of the male and has been building back the numbers. thumb.gifclap.gif

The list is a VERY good idea.

There should probably some kind of reward or recognition at least for the individuals keeping and breeding the species (perhaps through the society if they are a member).

Losing a species of fish that is not an allowable import is a huge loss IMHO.

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