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DIY project gone crazy


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Yeah I would have gone two 10x2x2 tanks in an "L" shape for a fraction of the cost, and the work. I don't remember reading the volume that thing of his holds.

I reckon a saltwater chiller would have none the job of the big homemade cooler too, if he even needed one. He had the tank shaded. Surely his average temps wouldn't get above 30 - 35 C in the shade? Probably less by the looks of the plants.

Seems like a heap of useless over engineering to me rolleyes.gif

As long as he had fun doing it, that's all that matters. Interesting stuff.

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This guys got waaaayyyy too much time on his hands. LOL.gifLOL.gif

But, a really good read and very interesting. thumb.gif

Don't think I'll copy it though. tongue.gif

Thanks for sharing Andreas.


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