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New Dam Project


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My sister has just moved - before her old dam had a chance to be fished after I stocked it sad.gif

Anyway, the difference here is the dam is a clean slate, no fish life at all. Last time I had to work around gambusia and a couple of large koi which I couldnt fish out.

SO I want to start with a self sustaining population (or 2) of small native fishes. Predominantly to provide food for the species I introduce later, but keeping insect populations down is a plus.

So what is native to the area and will thrive? I am tempted to drag nets through the very nearby river and just bring home whatever it may be, juvie bass and perch included. But I would ideally like to introduce small species first, to ensure a successful long term fishing hole LOL.gif

SO maybe a species of rainbow, blue eye, gudgeon?

Anybody know local wholesale sources for any of the species? Or maybe a sponsor would help me out here? (Possible long term cheaper supply from my end if they breed effectively there?)

Otherwise I will just use what I net from the reeds in the river.

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Here is a list of the smaller native species that are endemic to the Sydney Region.

Pacific Blue-eye

Pseudomugil signifer

size: 3-5cm Tadpole Friendly*

Australian Smelt

Retropinna semoni

size: 5-6cm Tadpole Friendly

Glass Perchlet

Ambassis marianus

size: 6cm

Mountain Jollytail

Galaxias olidus

size: 6-8cm

Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon

Philypnodon sp.

Size: 3.5-4cm

Empire Gudgeon

Hypseleotris compressa

size: to 12cm

Firetail Gudgeon

Hypseleotris galii

size: 4-5cm Tadpole Friendly

Striped Gudgeon

Gobiomorphus australis

size: 12cm

Cox's Gudgeon

Gobiomorphus coxii

Size 15cm

Flathead Gudgeon

Philypnodon grandiceps

size: 8cm

The Australia and New Guinea Fishes Association may be able to put you in contact with someone that stocks these fish.


Bayfish have a number of these species on their stocklist. So your LFS may be able to order them in as an alternative.

There are also a number of medium to large fish that are also endemic to the area.


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Funny actually,. after posting this, Gav introduced me to a guy at work who worked on an aquaculture farm type thing.

He had the very same idea as me for the dam (bass fishing) I think I will get hold of a small species of gudgeon also.

Anybody know if any of those gudgeon species would be safe to not hybridise in a closed system? I figure its just as possible as mixing similar cichlids?

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mate if i were you i would stock the bass,give it 2 years and you could be hauling in 1kg thumpers if well fed..perch tend to shy away in small dams where as thumper bass will smash anything on the surface on a warm sunny afternoon..you should stock it with river guppies for a good food source for the bass.smelt's are also good but they are a litle more fragile than the ever breeding bush guppy.if only council would approve my dam for a surburban backyard i would be set.good luck

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we stock my gf's parents dam with empire gudgeons from the local creek (also (usually sold as small feeder fish for around $5 per 20 fish from aquariums) together with lots of shrimp and whatever else we got fromt he local areas, we left it for a few months and later introduced some bass and silver pearch, they're doing fine and every couple of months i will do another trip for more feeders though it does appear to be self-sustaining at the moment and the bass and peach are fairly plump which is a good sign

EDIT - forgot to add we also stock redclaw in there that I have been breeding

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