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Feeding: Frozen Food (Mbuna)


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I am looking at feeding my mbuna/Haps on a weekly basis with some frozen foods, Just would like to know some opinions on the type that gives best results. Bloodworms,Daphnia,Brineshrimp etc

When i say best results, i mean give fish good colour, breeding increases, growth rates increase, all those sort of things.

All opinions will be greatly appreciated.

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Mbuna are good candidates for a DIY frozen food (as most are too meaty).

Make a 60% veg version - eg

20% spinach

10% peas

10% corn

10% carrot

10% zuccini

Several sheets of nori

50% prawns (cooked) & fish.

Blend - not too much. Pour into large snap lock bags and freeze in sheets - takes about 30mins to make enough for months.

Like all richer foods - feed lightly.


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Yes, but if you read Dave's instructions he says

Blend - not too much

I thought the idea of this was so that there were various chunks of stuff as the food disolved, otherwise you'd be left with a prawn/vege liquid floating in the water and the fish would not be able to eat it.

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You dont want a disgusting vegie prawn soup clouding your tank. You only need it to be small enough to be taken in one mouthful.

Ive never had any trouble feeding any of my cichlids frozen blood worm but live blackworm I dont trust all that much.

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My opinion is to stay clear of frozen bloodworms.

I used to feed them to all my fish but beleive I've had deaths as result. They can tear the gut of the fish and rot the gut from the inside out. I don't have any conclusive evidence but I've lost a few fish through a massive hole in their gut, and I beleive the cause to be bloodworms. Others on this forum will agree to stay clear...

I now only feed them to brisltenose until my stock runs out, then won't buy them again...



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