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Fry Tank


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Hey guys, im just about to setup a new fry/growout tank and have a couple of questions.

Should I use substrate from the parent tank or no substrate at all ?

Also a few rocks and ornaments beneficial ?

Tank is going to be a 2 footer.

MikeW showed me a sera filter he has been using on his fry tanks as well.

user posted image

Anyone using these ?

I was initially going to use 2 corner filters? There is about 35 fry id say as well - Mbuna.

Cheers guys

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Hey hey,

Easier all round for fry tanks, regardless of size to, have no substrate.

Most fry require, and benefit from, frequent water changes of 25 -50% at least a couple of times a week. There are some that will do daily changes blush.gif

No substrate makes this alot easier. It also enables the waste (uneaten food etc) to be seen and scooped up easily with a fine net.

Any, air operated filter will do the trick. Sponge filters (your picture) are great and the fry can feed off them as well.

We tend to use home made ice cream containers filled with appropriate gravel, coral sand etc to assist in adjusting pH and are air powered.

Fry require frequent small feeds, a clean environment (hence the water changes and muck scooping) and not too much current -which makes air powered filtration ideal, as we want then to grow and put on weight not exercise and lose it.

Pipes, ornaments, rocks etc depends on taste and whether the species requires hidey holes at that size smile.gif .

Hope this helps.



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I use a filter that looks the same as yours, but is a different brand. Can't remember the name but I have 2 running in 2 tanks and have not had a problem. I have found though that the water must be twice the height of the sponges or the water will not be pumped through. So I sit the filter about 1/2 inch from the bottom.

And yes, the fry do love picking little things from the sponges. wink.gif

Cheers, Cassandra.

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