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Perth BBQ


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How come perth don't get a funky map?

umm....do we even know where we are meeting? Point Walter is a big place.... I don't want to be wandering around looking lost and confuzzled. rolleyes.gif

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Hi all,

Yes Owen, it's on THIS Saturday.

Sorry for the late reply but have just managed to get online for just this one time.

Here is a map of Point Walter (at the Bicton end of Stock Road)

user posted image

I haven't had a chance to investigate the park too thoroughly but I guess we will meet directly opposite (roughly) at the end of Carroll Drive on the water side of Honour Avenue. There seems to be plenty of parking available there for all the milling crowds laugh.gif and I will be flying some balloons if I can get them tied up high enough - Liam - this can be your allocated job laugh.gif

Seeing we will be kicking off at 10:30am, I have decided that we will also have bacon and eggs along with the snags on bread rolls. For those of you that want tea or coffee, please bring a thermos for your own needs as we will only be supplying cold drinks.

Get your thinking caps on as we will be running several fish comps ... and don't forget the Bilby Shoes Boot Comp - we wanna win this one clap.gif

Also, for those of you with cameras, bring them along and enter the photo comp - a BBQ comp wink.gif - cash prizes clap.gif

If anyone wants to help by bringing stuff along, please ring me on 0438-18 1720 and I am sure I can give you something to do thumb.gif

See you all there

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