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Aqua Pro CF1200 for a 4ft tank


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I am looking at getting my new tank this weekend, and wanted to order my filters etc.

Are these filters up to the challange or should I look at spending more on a Ehiem or Fluval.

Also should I use a second external or an internal? Or one enough

It will be a 4ft x 18 x 18 tanks



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My brother is currently using Aqua Pro cannisters. They seem to be going fine. Pretty small media chambers in comparison to other filters of equal flowrates IMO.

I would say use them if saving money now is more important. You will probably have to repair/replace it more often than an eheim so in the overall scheme of things, prices would probably balance out.

As for secondary filtration, you could so without it, but it never hurts to have a backup system in place if your primary filter was to die for some reason.

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