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Peppermint cats

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I bought 2 pair of BN and they havent eaten anything except a little bit of brine shrimp. The smaller male seems to be breathing faster and a little harder than the rest of them.

They were previously kept with calvus at a pH of 7.5

The pH is around 7 in this tank. It is 2ft. Lots of crevices and wood.

Are they sick or is this normal?

Ive tried pimpkin, zucchini, algae wafers and some other sera wafer from the pet stoe. They seem to have eaten a little brine shrimp, but thats not great for them and doesnt have that much nutitional value.

Any suggestions?

I got them on the weekend. Maybe theyre settling in still?

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they usually eat at night..

throw some food in there before switching the lights off.

if you suddenyl turn the lights on after a few minutes.. they will surely be cruising around for food.



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I had the same problem with mine when I first got them.. Eventually they started eating zucchini but I noticed somthing, I added a couple of BN from a LFS (roughly same size) that had been fed on algae wafers all their life as soon as I put them in, that night I put in algae wafers and they were gone smile.gif I guess they like follow the leader or somthing because now as soon as I put in the algae wafers (2 a night there are 5 roughly 6cm including tail) they all fight for them... which is unusual because they use to never get touched...

That might not have helped but oh well... laugh.gif If you keep supplying the food they wouldn't starve themself the death (would they?) they might just be settling in... (establishing spawning places etc)

Also try bloodworm they eat that even though that might not have helped either laugh.gif

HTH blush.gif


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is the tank fully cycled? catfish likes lots of air so put in an airstone or some will help.

I don't feed my cats any thing but basic pellets and wafers... they get occasional brineshrimps.

once they are comfortable they will venture around and stablise.

if your water condition (say ammonia and stuff like that, temp) are ok then my suggestion ignore them. just give them small amount of wafers a night for next couple of days.. when you see them grazing around the tank that mean they have established home and you can start feeding them whatever you like.

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I know bristle nose are as tough as,,,,and you can't kill them with a hammer, but, how slow did you make the change from their old tank to your new quarters ????

I know a drop of pH from 7.5 to 7 dosen't sound much, but it is, because pH graduations are logrithmic, not just add on subtract. Secondly, what about hardness ?? A calvis tank of 7.5pH could be 300ppm or more GH and your tank at 7 pH could be zero GH.

So if the transition from one environment to the other was too sudden, your fish are not only suffering from pH shock, but osmotic shock as well.


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