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Fish bags / various sizes


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Hi all,

Just an enquiry, where do you all buy your bags from, I've made some enquiries and most want to sell you a 1000 or none. I just want a dozen or so in various sizes for my fry when I sell them. What do you all do when selling fry? Do you expect the buyer to bring bags/buckets or is it the norm for the seller to supply bags as well? I've always supplied the bags.



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Hi there,

Bags or buckets are an individual choice. I prefer to transport certain fish (read large) in buckets with airstones and others in appropriately sized bags.

If selling fish it is obviously good practice to have a variety of bag sizes to suit plus O2 if possible.

We purchase our bags throught the NSWCS meetings - you can buy all sizes in quantities of 10+. Approximately 10 - 15 cents a bag smile.gif.

I have found that retail outlets are dearer and sometimes reluctant to part with their bags (understandably). They also at times have advertising prints on their bags which make it difficult to see contents when selling through auctions.

Hope this helps.



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Glenn, I used to buy them from the auction trade table. I only ever needed a couple of dozen at a time thumb.gif And it doesnt cost much. Although it would be a hassle if your not already going suppose.

Lately though, I have been buying them in larger lots from people who buy the 1000. It works for me when I am getting ~200. And it means they also get a better price for ordering more bags.

Oh yea, and then my last lot, I swapped Gav some multis.

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