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Low light plants?

the cichlid kid

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I am setting up a 4 x 18 x 18 with one single light (4ft) and am wanting to know what plants will grow, with this little amount of light.

I know anubias is a goer but wondering what types will do best.

Java fern is also a goer i believe

and I want something tall, what can everyone suggest?

and any extra options are welcomed.

Thanks in Advance


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If u want tall plants u can go with vals and hornwort, Ive read that bolbitis fern and elodeas can too but Ive never kept them before.

Cryptocorynes can too but most stay short.

And I think watersprites can too? they look like wisterias and is type of fern.

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That really is low light. Ok stay away from elodea. Elodea in low light is a pain, it loses all its lower leaves and makes an absolute mess. I would stick to plants like Wisteria, Hygro polysperma, anubias, java ferns, Vals, java moss. Should be able to do a great little aquascape with those variety of plants, wont grow quick, but hopefully they will grow.


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