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sycho zebra

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Ring Bruce on (02) 9636-8735

8 Wiltona Pl

Girraween (near Parramatta)


200L barrel, food grade, $15.00 with lids. Various other sizes.

Might be a bit far away from you though.

You could also try (I'll copy and past an old SCP email I saved). I have never used the following information thought, so don't know if it is still current.


I have The plastic blue drums and sell them for $15 each

1000 l for $100

Delivery can be arranged

People buy them off me to store water in them also to store washing machine water for the gardening and they cut them in half to use for holding water or feed for horses etc.

Cut in half and put a heater in them and you have a quick holding/breeding tub or pond

P.S used personally by many for water storage from rain or washing machine to water the garden etc fine for any purpose including storing water for fish or breeder ponds for fish/feeders/

Anyway for more info please call 0421 591 036 or if u must mail samrex@hotmail.com

Hope that helps,


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I've got one of those blue 60 ltr drums with a lid that clamps on with metal brace. However I've drilled a hole in the centre of the lid and another one about 10cm from the base of the drum to accept bulk heads for the purpose of being a mini reef.

I never ended up using it because it didn't fit under my tank, and space in the fishroom is limited.

PM me if you've got no other options.


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