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Just had to write this up

MikeWs Fish

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Got home from work today and my auroras bred (again) and my yellows (again). Get down to the bottom sets of tanks and find my Pseudotropheus elongatus 'Neon spot' or 'ruarwe' (we think) decided to breed! The biggest girl probably 6-7cm is swimming around with a monster MF. They have smallish mouths and elongated bodies, so id say around 12-18 fry out if it, if she holds.

I'm very happy about that!! They were the only fish I hadn't spawned yet (well lets forget about BN blush.gif ). I thought they were too young. Unforunately my Pulpican lupingus and little demasoni girl decided to swallow but it trade them for neon spot MF anyday!


Pics of the adults:






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Thanks Matey!

I havent got the setups completely running so far. 5 of the tanks are still 'cycling' with 100% established aqauroum water lol and the sixth tank is a hospital tank (which needs to be drained) I used it for the lupingus when some of them came in. They were all sick from the 2nd source and some of them still arent 100 percent. Wheni turn on the big submercable pump and use all the plumbing I'll show some pics at the moment one of my walls looks like this

X1 X2 X3

X4 X5 X6

X7 X8

X1 is a 3ft Electric yellow tank

X2 is a 3ft fry tank

X3 is a hospital tank (later on to be a fry tank)

X4 is a acei 'ngara' tank

X5 is a demasoni tank (2nd colony)

X6 is a pulpican 'lupingu' tankk

X7 is a (independant of the plumbing of the rest of the system) elongatus 'neon spot' tank

X8 is a 3ft sump for X1-X6.

I have other tanks including a BN colony an aurora colony and another demasoni colony. There a few other smaller fry/hospital/quarantine tanks.


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hey mike my elongatus have aged too.one had a small mouthful but shes lost it now.it was tiny though i nearly missed it.i reckon i may have moved her too early,i just wasnt sure how long she;d been holding it,as it was so small.early days.

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Exellent - by the way, Nathan, Ive been watching the girl with the MF and she can colour up just like the males can. So girls can be black too. However, most of the time she is light grey. I saw her circling around another female and they were both black like the males.

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