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3x18x20 tank big enough?


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Hi guys,

i bought a fronnie colony and put them in my display tank.

i want to breed them but i only have a 3x18x20 tank to put them in.

If i put features and pots do you reckon they would breed?

the only reason i dont breed them in the display tank is the ph is 7.8 and ive been advised they need the ph at about 9.0 -9.2 to breed.

My silver aro cant take this and would probably die or at least get gill curl.

My fronnies are at well over breeding size and one female has had a mouthful.

Fronnies are male 20cms 3xfemale between 15-17cm.

Please help...



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4 fronnies in a 3 footer -i think a tank of that size is far too small , has the female had the mouthfull in your display tank ? if so leave them in there , fronnies will live and breed happily in water with a ph of 7.5 imo , you have fish worth a lot of money ,dont they deserve a decent tank?

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9.0 is excessive, especially if the fish are not wildcaught.

My tanks have always been between 7.8 and 8.4 and my frontosa used to breed just fine.

I'd leave them where they are, or else get a 4x2x2 minimum (5 or 6 footer preferably)

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Thanks guys,

I will leave them there then.

My display tank i very big..

Biggest corner tank ive seen ever....?

The dimensions are

5 1/2 foot face

4 foot down one side

3 1/2 down the other

2 foot high

i cant post pics cause no digital camera but hopefully soon ill be able to.

Also if you can help me out,

My male frontosa is very agrressive and chases and smashes the 2 out of the 3 females. Why do you think he does that?

The other female was the one that held before..

She is the smallest of them too.

Do you think the fronnies will breed with my aro in the tank?

Regards and await your reply eagerly... woot.gif


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they probably will breed with the aro in the tank ,but i think the aro might be floating on the top - seriously though the pair breeding may dish out a bashing to the aro plus fronnie fry are big and i dont think the aro could resist such a tasty morsel($20 a morsel) i dont think your going to get away without getting another tank- maybe in the opposite corner? tongue.gif

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