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First Demasoni Spawing


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Your are looking at a very proud Enthusiasts. I just have the first batch of demasoni fry (15-18). To my suprise I only got them from Rol&Jas about 3 months ago.

I hope they grow to juvies now.

Ohh what is the best food for these guys???



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Hey Mark,

Congratulations on the mouthful smile.gif

Crushed, good quality spirulina flake - which is what your adults should be getting.

You can supplement with zooplankton but steer clear of any soft, easily digestible food such as mosquito larvae, beef heart or other animal protein - it can be lethal to these tiny mbuna.

Demasoni don't grow too fast and there are some who try to hasten the process by feeding animal protein. Have patience, feed tiny amounts a few times daily and they will grow at a steady rate and survive smile.gif

Well done!



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Thanks Aline for the advice.

John I thought you might get a suprise if I mention your name so I delib. left it out. The ones I got from you are growing at a steady pace and coloring really nicely. Unfortunately I lost one of them due to the dominate male from you (the rest are getting along nicely once I put it all together with Rol. lot aswell.

Cheers again for the great fish (absolutely love them) thumb.gif

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