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AQUARIUM hunting Need Recommendation


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OK I am going shoppping tommorrow smile.gif fishshopping

I am interested in weird looking fish and stuff.

current biggest interest is

- (catfish) peppermint/orangespot

- (catfish) anything expensive and cute ones smile.gif

- cichlids tanganikan particularly sandwellers/shifters

I know I am going to Strickly Aquarium to start off

any other good aquariums around there?

(i have already been to canley vale and not really impressed with their fish types)

thanks in advance (ps location of shop and names will be awesome)

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St George had both peppermint and orange spot BN the weekend before christmas, when i was there. They would have been 3 cm and were $50. That was a month ago

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Hi there,

You could also try Lams Aquarium at Parramatta.

They have peppermint bristlenose @ 4cm for $49.95,

also Gold Spotted Plecostomus, Hoplo Catfish.

Also lots of tangs like: Lelupi, Leptosoma, Multifasciatus, Brevis, Cylindricus, Julidochromis, Gnathochromis, Frontosa, Multipunctatus catfish etc.


Ben thumb.gif

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