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Tropheus duboisi Maswa


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Hi I picked up a colony of these guys today off a friend.

There are nine of them but I am not sure how many of them are females.

I have heard they are hard to keep.

Has anyone got ant info on them.

I have Spirulina flake for food and have them in a species tank except for 2 bristlenose cats.

Also what would you expect to pay for 9 of these at about 12cm each.

All info would be appreciated.

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Hi there,

A colony of 9 adult duboisi should set you back around $30 - 50 a fish dependant on ratio and quality.

The colouration of the females will normally be less striking than their male counterparts but no less amazing. A nice straight yellow or white band (dependant on location) is sought after. They are easier to rear and keep than most other Tropheus species and their delightful spotted offspring are sure to please even the most hardened aquarist. smile.gif

IMO they should be in a tank no less than 4'x18"x18" plenty of rock shelving to imitate their natural habitat and fed only vegetable matter once to twice a day. More often for fry. Good quality flake and pellets and fresh zucchini etc. Water parameters pH 8.5 with weekly 25% water changes.

Plenty of filtration, oxygen and excellent water quality will keep most Tropheus sp. quite happy.

I know of breeders who keep them in bare bottom tanks with only a couple of rock formations with great success as well. Depends on whether they will be for display purposes or breeding purposes as to how you choose to layout your tank.

There are some excellent sites on the web and some links from the Sydney Cichlid Page as well. I did my research before I purchased my first Tropheus but your post here should generate a good starting place for you smile.gif .

I have been roped in to do a small presentation on my experience with Tropheus at the next NSWCS meeting for those like yourself interested to learn about these amazing characters, as I am certain there will be a few of them to win in the fish raffle.

Good luck



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I won’t add more to Aline’s response, but to say, it is a pretty much general opinion on Tropheus keeping the bigger the group, the more likelihood of success. Fifteen is generally referred to the minimum amount.

Read Steve’s web page on Tropheus. I don’t seem to have the link at the moment, but hopefully someone can post it up for you.

Jim on these pages sells top fish at good prices (F1s I think).


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Hi people, thanks for your responces.

I have been away for a few days and have only just checked the P.C.

The Trophious I got are all doing well.

I have been watching them courting and I have to say that my male is really quite aggressive.

That link was very informative and yes Craig I did see your young and notcied how they are changing their spots to a stipe.

These are great fish.

They are always hungry but I am trying to manage thier eating habits.

Thanks again.

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Aline has given you the whole story in a very crisp, short & sweet post.

Water quality, diet and numbers are the keys to happy duboisi. That is not to say that small colony's will not be fine or do well...just to say that my 8 were happier when they were 17 and they were happier again when there was 24 of them.

If you are lucky enough to be able to attend the meeting where Aline will discuss the Genus "Tropheus", and if you are remotely interested in them, you would do well to make time in your schedule...people with experience are the best way to get valuable information about these fish, I would love to be able to attend myself.

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