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Sick fish


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Ok first of all my ph,nitrite,ammonia and nitrate are all perfect

my gh is 14 and kh 15

The symptoms start off with quickened breathing, and becoming reclusive and eating little.

My first thought was bloat, but there seem to be no other signs that add up to bloat

I recently lost a chipoke and aceii to the same symptoms and im keen to not have it happen again!

Does anyone know what it could be?

Do fish with bloat actually get fat?

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fish with bloat get a large belly,eyes seem to be popping out.if youre wondering about preventing bloat clean your filter.if its been done this week clean your substerate and exchange water.not sure on medications for it though. what fish is

'sick'?have you considered it may be gill flukes?

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Because gill flukes are very tiny, largest being about 2mm, it is difficult to see them. The physical signs may could include red, inflamed gills. Scratching, gasping at surface and listlessness as you have described are nonspecific signs that have other more common causes. These are behahavoiral indicators. These signs are also an indicator of ammonia poisioning. I know you said that that it was okay but maybe a another water change will help.


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Ok first of all my ph,nitrite,ammonia and nitrate are all perfect

my gh is 14 and kh 15

what do you mean each test was perfect?

Have you tested each and if so what were the readings?

A bit more info would be good...

how old is the tank (how long set up?)

Tanks mates? and quantity of each?

size of tank?


water change routine?

food? and how often?

any new fish added recently (and were they quarantined before adding)?

water additives/medications?

get back to us and we can possibly help further


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The ph is 8.5

Ammonia etc 0

Nitrate 10

Size: 48x18x20

I have a aqua one cf500 and 1200 on the tank as filtration


4 electric yellows

2 venustus

1 lionhead

3 cobwe

3 fuellborni

3 hongi

3 cobalt blue zebras

Tangerinezebra 1 (medium size)

2 bristlenose

All at juv sizes

Tank has been set up for 3 months

i change 25-50% 1-2 fortnight

i use prime when adding new water, with some malawi buffer.

Recently added epsom salt to get the Gh up.

Feed them twice daily, 5 times a week. Give them flakes, spirulina sticks, tablets and occasional bloodworms/brine shrimp.

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with that amount of fish its probably stress , especially dished out by the zebras , fear is shown by hiding rapid breathing and loss of appetite, as all the fish you have are highly territorial maybe it would help to move all the rocks around , good luck

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yes and no -yes it would help in the short term but then another fish would become dominant and the cycle would start again, imo if its a display tank get rid of all the females, then theres nothing to fight over , if its a breeding setup then maybe limit to 1 or 2 unrelated species in your situation id probably keep the electric yellows andthe bn's and build up a nice colony which would be a display tank as well , as they breed up you ll need to offload the spare males (and fry to your lfs) and if you get fed up with them sell them as a breeding colony and try something different, but this is just my opinion and theres a lot of people on this forum with more expeirience than me with africans- if you were to go over to the dark side however.........

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