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silver aro tankmates


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Guest african-au

my 50cm silver arowana's buddies


siamese tigers


my best mate albino oscar clap.gif

giant gourami


all one big happy family

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I am now running a 6 bar colony of fronnies..

But the best fish they say to have with aro's is the Red Blooded Parrot fish (heaps) and Flagtails. rolleyes.gif

I was running these fish with my aro and he loved it..

They were one big happy family..

These are what they have together in asia.



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well i had a 75 cm aro, which decided to try swallow whole one of my 15cm red parrots. These fish were togther for at least a year, before the aro, decided he snap at my parrot. So i guess anything large and fast moving, i kept, flagtails, bichirs, shovelnose, lungfish, tin foil barbs, gars and a helicopter catfish, with my silver.


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