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Enantiopus melanogenys


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I have 5 of these guys last week she had her first mouthfull, but spat after 6 days at feed time, i will let it slide this time as it was her first time....

they are really cool fish with heaps of character, and plenty of courage!

I have mine in tank with some Opthalmaltilapia ventralis, xeno spilopterous, and blue occies, heaps of sand, no rocks

its quite funny the occies get all put out because the melanos build a crater about 40cm around and the poor occies have spent lots of time getting their shells at the right depth in the sand and then just get pushed aside...

here are a few pics of him when he was a bit youbger, he has more colour now.

user posted image

user posted image

this was pretty funny to watch a relatively poor swimming enantiopus trying to fight with a lepto Kitumba!, i though he did a great job trying to keep up.

user posted image

user posted image

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