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  1. My favourite of my daughters new fish.
  2. Lloyd looking very noice mate Love to see some more pics Thanks for sharing Justin
  3. Wonderful fish and tank Thank you for sharing Justin
  4. Great read Thanks guys All the best Justin
  5. That's never a nice thing to find when introducing a new fish. I have found when adding new fish into an already established group that a good way to introduce a newbie is to do so during a water change, mixing the tank up as I go and removing anything they use to define as their territory "big pots,rock etc" and then make sure you're about to keep an eye on their progress. If they do get their angry on I have also used large nets "like the landing nets fishermen use to land their catch" placed them onto the tank suspending them and then place the dominant fish into the next for a day or two t
  6. Tropheus Mpulungu, Tropheus Mpulungu, Tropheus Mpulungu, Tropheus Mpulungu, Tropheus Mpulungu
  7. I have used large nets (dip nets) from the fishing section in Kmart, I place a pot in there, somewhere to hide. Give them a few weeks and then relese her back when doing a water change. HTH Cheers JB
  8. its been a long time between drinks, i thought i might post some pics as i now have a light in the fish room cheers justin
  9. cheers guys it was not listed, or if it was there was some langague problem and it all came up ???????? i found it during one of my tropheus fits cheers justin what do you guys think of the moori moba ?? or are they murago?? http://www.mojatanga.host.pl/gfx/ryby/trop..._moori_moba.jpg
  10. gday guys its been a while any idea what this guy is? http://www.aquapets.com.tw/aquapets/images...-19/1901-02.JPG cheers justin
  11. what anice looking little fiish cheers justin
  12. get a few more if you are going to keep him he will be happier
  13. I don’t know a lot about the ins and outs of line breeding But I think they are two different species like a donkey and horse. Crossing the two you get an animal that is sterile. I would think that is how it would work here. But I am only guessing so I could be utterly off the mark
  14. jebe


    i have an idea on how you might be able to regulate your existing system, but it wont be pretty On the end of you standpipes if you add a length of hose and loop it around i.e. one end on the standpipe and the other pointing to the bottom of the tank making a loop or two. Use some cable ties to hold it in place. (the loop from the hole in the hose to the tip pointing to the bottom will need to primed) i will help you You would then need to place a hole (good size) in the top of one of the loops the first piece of hose you would see as the water drained. As the water rises above the loop
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