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Where can I find Christmas fulu aka Browne?


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My wife saw a picture of this fish (thanks slinky) and she would like to know if we can get this fish in Sydney.

It is very rare chance she is interested in fish, so I would like to get any info about this beauty. woot.gif

I think I saw it before... but I can't remember.

Help me please! LOL.gif



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Hi Mike

Xystochromis phytophagus - used to be called Astatotilapia brownae.

Beautiful fish from Lake Victoria/Riverine areas. wub.gif

Yes they are available in Sydney. thumb.gif

I have them breeding quite successfully. wink.gif


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lots of people breeding them at the moment , also very cheap from most lfs well they should be as they dont cost to much wholesale , just becareful to the ones you buy some are not to flash and others are crossed with other victorians



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im glad you like that link Metallion, i would like to have some victorian cichlids one day, but dont currently have the space. sadsmiley02.gif

and im sorry about the shorthand, just use to writing like that in other forums. blush.gif

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I saw Waz's today. Great fish - I'd certainly recommend that line of brownae.

Slinky -

You might want to check out the forum TOU, particularly this point (11).

11. Please take your time to write your post correctly. "Posts wot hav b33n rite'n like dis 1" - will be deleted.

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