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Cyprichromis leptosoma (Mpulungu) pics


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great looking fish I was really keen on lepo's then I saw a colony face to face (Uninta bay spelling???) and fell in love with them. Once my big tanks in my fish room are setup I think will be getting a colony of lepo's. But the hardest thing is to decide which variant thumb.gif



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Cool fish leptos are allways good too see. I agree that choosing the varient is tha hardest part. I have a colony of kitumbas and the dominant male looks awsoem but the 3 subdominat males all look pretty dull, in comparison, and they have an 8 footer to cruise in so heaps of room. The best part obout the kitumbas is how they progressively change colours. I also have some malasa and i recon they put on a better colour display, than the kitumbas

But my wish list for leptos are Mpimbwe black bees..

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