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Where to Buy Styrofoam Sheets


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how big and how thick are you looking for?

i just got a few sheets of white polystyrene the other day,

1200x600x12 for $2.60 a sheet.

The name of the place was insulation industries in newcastle.

Try places that do insulation.


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Clark Rubber stores usually have many shapes, sizes and thicknesses, they are cheap too

I found one of my local Clark Rubber stores to be understocked and overpriced...selling me scraps for $5, etc....I later found a direct factory outlet, a much better source IMO.



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Hey thanx Guys Im gonna go n check out the one at fairy meadow if thats no good ill suss out clarkes rubber hopefully Ill post some pics of my finished background up for youse to check out smile.gif

Thamx Fozz

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