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Placidichromis electra any information on breeding


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Hi Trent,

Electras are fairly docile fish even when breeding. As YeW says they are pretty much standard Malawi mouth brooders BUT they are absolute bloody shockers to get the fry from.

The females have a LOT of very small eggs but they have a tendency to spit as soon as your net hits the water mad.gif

An experienced breeder told me years ago that the best way is to get them in the net and strip them underwater (the fish isn't taken out of the tank). I've found that if you can get them in a net they usually spit straight away (so use a fine mesh net - 'cause the little eggs can go through most nets).

And be ready for those fish that do spit in the tank. I generally have a hose and bucket on standby and I vacuum the eggs or fry off the bottom whilst trying to keep the other fish away from the free feed. ohmy.gif



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