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My first NSWCS meeting


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Well, I finally made it to my first NSWCS meeting all the way from Canberra. And I must say that I was suitably impressed with the general friendliness and hospitality of everyone there. Although I didn't quite understand when Rossco and I met most people why their first comment was "Oh yeah, we recognised you two when you came in by the photos." I thought that the only photos on the forum that resembled us were of Rossco's double, R2, and my evil twin fembot at the CDAS Christmas party. woot.gif

I was also very impressed with both the quality and quantity of the auction prizes (even though I was the only one in our group who didn't get lucky all night sadsmiley02.gif ).

Thanks for a great fun night guys and gals, I will certainly be coming back. clap.gif

I would also love to thank all our very hospitable hosts who showed us through their private fishrooms. I had a lovely day and met some really nice people who I hope to catch up with again soon. Hope we didn't put any of you into therapy, but I think you all had some idea of what to expect if you have been frequenting the ACT forum posts lately.

And I also found out a few new things about my Canberran travel mates. Rossco has a serious thing about tight snug spaces in fishrooms and has decided to add another row of tanks in his already full fishroom to make the walkway between them not quite wide enough for him and any female guests to be able to pass by each other without a whole lotta body contact on the way past. (He also has serious fishroom cleavage plans...but I shouldn't dwell on that one.) I also noted that Laurie seems to suffer a lot from size and performance envy. He became quite the sulker when someone else had a fishroom or equipment that was bigger, more powerful or could perform for longer than his does. It's OK Laurie, just remember it's not how big the room is, it's what you do in it that counts. But I still think you need to hang a white board in there, even if it is just for keeping records of your fishroom achievements. thumb.gif

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Hi all,

I would also like to thank the all members who kindly opened their private fish rooms (and homes), showed us their setups and methods and showed us a great time. I too was very impressed with the quality, diversity of fish and setups that we saw. I would especially Craig and Andreas for also feeding us during the day to keep up and stamina for our long journey. Also I would like to thank our unoffical guide Warren who ended up coming to 3 or so houses, thanks guys.

Also it was good to put more forum names to faces at the meeting (for some reason they know us rolleyes.gif ) and also I was quite successful winning a lucky door prize and 2 raffles prizes. I had a fantastic day

thanks again thumb.gif


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Was good to meet you guys and I'm glad you had a good time.

I haven't seen ANY of those fishrooms you visited, it seems I might have to organise a tour of my own!

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