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lfs abusing tsunami disaster


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i walked in to a local aquarium 2 day to find 10 silver arowanas @ 8cm

when i asked for the price & was absolutely knocked off my feet ohmy.gif

$750 for a silver unsure.gif

& lfs explained its due to the tsunami in s e asia

we all know that they come from south america dont we rolleyes.gif

i absolutely gave him a mouthfull as i couldnt beleive that someone would use the tsunami disaster for a quick buck!!!

ok now i feel better fewww

thought i'd share my day


chris cool.gif

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Yes, Silver arowanas originate from South America.... same as neon tetras. And Swordtails and guppies originate from Central america as well LOL.gifLOL.gifLOL.gif

So what?

The price of the fish has nothing to do with the Tsunami though... blush.gif Just a bloody lame excuse IMO. As far as I'm aware, tropical fish prices in Asia are still the same. That said, $750 for silvers in Aust is not unheard of.... a bit on the pricey side, but hey, I'd be very surprised if those fish didn't sell. laugh.gif

I think you may owe your LFS an apology.... The majority of silver arowanas traded around the world come farm bred in Asia. The majority of Saratoga jardini traded around the world are also farm bred in Asia!! (not Australia!) laugh.gif

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hi justin & kev

ok i see your point.

so i didnt agree with lfs lame excuse.

& the price at $750 is way too much for a silver!

i have been around for a long time,so i know what to expect to pay for a silver!

that is almost the price for a green arowana

at that price i dont think they will sell anyway!

so i was having a bad day & i lashed out,,

lfs will get over it as i did wink.gif

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well well well lfs called me today to tell me many of his costomers just like me dry.gif

have complained on the price of silver arowana's clap.gif

so now silvers have droped from $750 to $600

gee wiz he has a heart! wub.gif

once bitten twise shy tongue.gif

yes justin for $150 more you can buy a green

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i bought a 13cm silver only two months ago for three hundred.there isnt a big demand for thses fish and as they grow the sellers are faced with a fish that decreases in price whilst thier appetite increases.i think in a few months time demand for thses will wain and youll start to see alot for sale as they all the people who bought little ones are now wanting to get rid of them.a fish is only worth what one is willing to pay for it im sure most peolpe who deal in exotics get them for at least half of what they sell them for so if you just say im not paying that heres my offer youd be amazed at where it can get you.the market for specialist fish is a small one especially as the start to grow out

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i agree with Yellow observation.

Tankbuster fishes do lose value as they grow old.

When owner realised that they need to fork out thousand of dollars to maintain the fishes when they get bigger, this is when they need to desperately sell the fish.

At a price that is cheaper then what they bought it for.

tankbusters will ALWAY become available, it is just a matter of TIME.

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the cost of keeping tank busters is like a mortgage wink.gif i totally understand as i have a 45cm silver & he will eat & eat & eat

i on the other hand work in seafood,so the cost for me is very small

if not nothing!

yellow $300 for a 13cm silver isnt a bad catch mate!!!!

you were very lucky!!!

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