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Red streaks in fins and body


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Hi Guys,

Some of my fish are showing red streaks in thier fins, and red colouration of thier bodies. Only 2 yellow platys seem affected, the other fish dont show any similar symptoms.

Tank Specs.

10gal, 2 HOB filters, Nitrites=0,ammonia=0,Nitrates=0. Changes to tank, added 2.5ppm nitrates (pottasium Nitrate),20ppm Pottasium (pottasium sulphate) and 0.18ppm chelated Iron.

Fish= 2 oto's, 1 SAE, 3 Platys, 1 Male Fighter.

Plants = lots of stem plants

Ok so i thought maybe it was

Hemorrhagic septicemia

But it says it is usally caused by high nitrites and ammonia, which i have neither.

So can anyone offer some advice as to what may be happening??? I thought maybe it was the ferts i added (nitrates etc) but the doses i added arent excessive or anything. And it seems starge the tough species (Platy's) show symptoms but not the more fragile species.

Ok any help is appreciated

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You don't mention the PH value of your water?

A very low PH can cause similar symptoms to those you have described.

Platies usually prefer a PH neutral or above.

I would check the PH levels straight away.

And do a water change if PH is too low.


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There are two other possibilities to consider. One is aggression and the other is heavy metal/other poisoning. Obviously the former is a easy one to check whilst the latter is somewhat more difficult. Have you recently performed a water change? Do you have copper pipes? Are there lead bands around the base of your plants? Is it possible that some foreign airborne substance (eg. insecticide, deodorant, petrol on hands etc) has entered the aquarium?

merjo smile.gif

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I concer with John. Sounds like the PH is too low/hi. I had this problem with some goldfish after a water change. I later found out that Sydney water had bombed the water after heavey rains.

But I also concer with Merjo. My fish (years after Sydney water incident) were the ones who alerted me to the fact that something was wrong with the water pipes. Turns out the fish had copper poisoning. We had the pipes relaced because they had started to corrode (hey, they were almost 50yrs old).

Check PH first- it's easier than digging up your water pipes, and cheaper laugh.gif .

Cheers, Cassandra.

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Ok pH Values

Tap Water- 8.2

Tank water - 7.2 (less than tap water due to Co2 injection)

OK, so i had just topped up the tank with Tap water. I use a mix of Hot and Cold water, could this be causing the problems? The house is about 12 yrs old, so i doubt the pipes are corroding.

No aggression in the tank, No plants have metal around thier bases, No deoderants etc have been sprayed around the tank, i havent put my hands in thier either.

It must be something to do with the tap water. I do seem to have troubles when i do WC's, but if i leave it the tank in the hands of my family, who dont do any maintenance at all, all fish seem fine. Could it maybe be pH shock from putting pH 8 water into the tank which is at pH 7.2 or sometimes lower depending on Co2 rate and plant heights etc??

Thanx for any help

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