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successful internal parasite meds


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can anyone recommend a successfully tried med for internal parasites? I have had what I belive to be a parasite in a couple of fish for at least I reckon 3 months and have not had any success in treating. The fish have white stringy poo and have shown no signs of growth (actually seem to be shrinking ) but are eating okay. I have treated the tank for 14 days on metronidazole both in the water and soaked in food. I also use salt regulary with water changes but am now out of ideas. I've been to a couple of LFS and both recommended metronidazole but could not advise anything else. Please help!

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Hi there,

I would try a product called Worm Rid. It treats gill fluke,body fluke and worms.

Be careful using on loachs and baby fish.

The drug is called Praziquantel.

Try this sounds like you may have a worm problem.

Metronidazole is just a strong antibiotic it does treat alot of things but for this problem you have I personally would give Praziquantel a go.

You can obtain it from most aquarium stores.

It is in a orange container and is made by Aquarium Science.


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