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Mother of the year awards


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This afternoon when feeding after work I noticed a fish eating that shouldn't have been eating. In fact it shouldn't have been in the tank, but in its own personal fry saver...

huh.gif I thought and checked again and sure enough it was the girl I initially thought it was...

blink.gif Now where is that fry saver?

There it is... At the back.

blush.gif Look at all that poop trapped in the bottom there

YUCK... I know, I'll flush it.

ohmy.gif Something moved down there

woot.gif Its 30 odd fry!!

She had spat her bubs and taken a leap of faith to get a good feed thumb.gif I don't know if her intention was to jump back and take them in again later, but I moved them to the fry deck.

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It was my Pseudotropheus livingstonii, they have been spawning for ages now, but I have been ignoring the fry with the view that I will let them keep learning and getting fat on the fry. Am I sick? blush.gif So this is essentially my first batch I am looking at raising. There is a couple more mouthfuls too, I wonder if they are sneaky like this girl.

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