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Female with a new exit tract


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Hi all,

Some time ago one of my female Peacock's was involved in a scuffle or was being chased around the tank. She ended up with a nice chunk out of her Left Hand Side, the wound was on the lower portion towards the rear of her body. I treated the tank, got the wound sealed, but it didn't regrow the lost area. The fish seemed all fine and still is, then a strange thing I noticed last night was after I feed them, about an hour later when everything is starting to come out the other end, she swam by and seemed to have a small worm or something hanging off the wound area. I watched for a while and thought, great, treat the tank now for an infestation of some parasite. Went off did something else, came back an hour or so later and , no worm. HHMMMM? Then just before going to bed took another look and there was the worm again only bigger and a slightly different colour. woooow, hold on somethings not quite right here, watched for a short time and the "worm" dropped off as a new piece of worm made it's way through. Dam! What the?

It would seem that as the fish has got bigger, whatever damage was caused during the original fight/chasing episode has cut the excretion tract and its now exiting from the wound. You can't even see the exit orifice unless there is crap on the way out.

The old saying I suppose, "tight as a fishes ar........"

Weird aye! Fish seems perfectly normal. Anyone else seen this before?



user posted image

The best I could get over the weekend, but you can see clearly what I'm talking about.

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Hi Glenn,

My gut (hehe please excuse the pun!) feeling is that the fish is not long for this world. It will likely succumb to a bacterial infection. It would be good if you could get some great pics though before this happens...they could be added to the photo forum about illness/disease...would make an interesting addition wink.gif

merjo smile.gif

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