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orange spotted bristlenose


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I think i have finally solved the mystery of the 'orange spotted bristlenose' as it is not the L110 that some say it is ( this one has red spots and does not have the same markings on the fins as the orange spotted)

= however looking through my aqualog for loricariidae LDA 45 whichis named

'Slender bristlenose' looks exactly like the so called orange spotted bristlenose

also look at L349.

this is only my opinion, has its the only one closest looking

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I am kind of leaning toward that conclusion as well. The common name "slender bristle nose" though not very romantic, dose describe them sort of blush.gif

That was one of the first characteristics I commented on when mine matured. They are longer or slimmer than any other Ansistrus species I have seen or kept.

Just a couple of things stop me from being 100% sure. My fish all have crescent caudal fins, whereas the illustrations in Aqualog mostly have 'spade' tails.

Secondly all my fish have kept the banded pattern on the first ray of the pectoral fins although they loose the rusty/orange colour as they mature.

Food for thought tho


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