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electric yellow gone

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My sick Electric yellow, had all scaled fallen off and lost all its weight went missing. moved house 2 days later and found its skeleton and looks like brains or something?

eeeeewwww blink.gif

poor bugger got eaten coz it could defend itself. was trying to get another tank for her.

Ohwell. The circle continues... blush.gif

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Fair question.... I did attempt to catch her, but i just moved house at the same time, so i had my other tank and stand packed ready for moving. It is 4 foot and had nothing cycled or even a filter or heater ready to go. I was more worried about the other fish contracting any disease from this one. I am on the look out for a smaller 2 or 3 foot tank for treating any problems in future. I usually use my 2nd 4 footer for that. But now i have moved i am hoping i can get some mouthfuls into it and get some babies.

But i really had nowhere to put the poor little thing. was just going to try stick in empty ice cream container with air bubles and float in tank.

Really bad timing. Was dead in matter of 48 hours.

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