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  1. I am with Andy! I have a colony of Saulosi and some Yellows in a 4 footer. great fish. Saulosi have the perfect personality, always happy to see people and free swimming always.
  2. very true fins, I am actually looking at gettin a DSLR mysef... Have done heaps of research and come down to the very affordable, for some, Canon EOS 300D or the Nikon D70. After reading heaps, it comes down only a few things that i pick the nikon for. The shutter speeds and the ability to take continuus shots basically til you can't store anymore photos. Just need to rob a bank now... Ebay seems like the best place to buy cameras at the moment no matter on what price range you decide...
  3. If you are going to spend good money, $400+ then opt for a brand carrying a good lens. Carl Sues (however you spell it) is a good one i have had experience on. if you are looking for something that is professional, go the Nikon D70 SLR, has interchangable lens' for around $1700 if you look in the right places...
  4. how did you get the java fern to stay? i have tried in my cichlid tank. they just rip the ferns off th roots. might seperate the ferns and try and grow in seperate tank... Anyways. looks awesome.
  5. I think Saulosi are the most fantastic fish anyone could keep. mine keep me entertained for hours... I have also notice yesterday that one of my females has a mouthfull too. must be the time of year with all the festivities...
  6. hahaha thanks guys, i have stopped feeding them as much and hope that turns their attention to some hanky panky. they have had one mouthfull in one female already but she didn't release them. hopefully they remember what to do. haha thanks for you opinions guys.
  7. that sounds like my problem. They wont breed after 12 Months now... I have had one mouthfull that never eventuated to anything... Will try and diet them. I have never seen fish eat so much. Thanks, Dale
  8. Thanks bob, They are with other Mbunas - Electric Yellows. and Bnose ofcourse. But the Yellows are slower, but i have 8 Saulosi and 2 fems are the biggest in the tank (and obese). i had 4 yellows now one male adult and 5 juvies... they still are abnormal in size. very rounded. Thanks Dale
  9. My Saulosi are the biggest pigs ever. and a couple in particular have eyes bigger than their bellies. When feeding time comes all fish know it and fight for pole position. Somehow these nig "Females" are olding back abd picking up all the left overs from the frantic rush for flake or pellets. they get their share, then will scoot up to the surface and eat anything not seen by the others. how can i stop this? they need to go on a diet. Jenny Craig for Fishies.... Any ideas what i can do? I have tried spreeding flake all over tank, still they pig out. Last resort will be transfering to another
  10. This reminds me of a couple of days ago, i was visiting a mate of mine (runs an LFS is Salamander Bay) who is now stocking Salt water fish. i was chatting when 2 surfy guys came in looking at the little "nemo" clown fish and asking how much. my mate sussed them out first, "have you got the 'salt water tank' setup?" the guys replied affirmitive and explained they are keeping other fish. Seemed like they new what they were doing...few people walked in the shop waiting for service, My mate hurried in catching the 2 clown fish, bagged em up, asked if they want anything else, they replied yeh the 2
  11. 8:30 - 5 Tuesday to Saturday. Was a shift worker in hospitality. now have fulltime office work. much better. plan my days in advance.
  12. Fair question.... I did attempt to catch her, but i just moved house at the same time, so i had my other tank and stand packed ready for moving. It is 4 foot and had nothing cycled or even a filter or heater ready to go. I was more worried about the other fish contracting any disease from this one. I am on the look out for a smaller 2 or 3 foot tank for treating any problems in future. I usually use my 2nd 4 footer for that. But now i have moved i am hoping i can get some mouthfuls into it and get some babies. But i really had nowhere to put the poor little thing. was just going to try stick
  13. My sick Electric yellow, had all scaled fallen off and lost all its weight went missing. moved house 2 days later and found its skeleton and looks like brains or something? eeeeewwww poor bugger got eaten coz it could defend itself. was trying to get another tank for her. Ohwell. The circle continues...
  14. My electric yellow looks like its lost nearly all its scales. has a small red sore below its spinal fin and is very gaunt. if you can imagine it sucking its cheeks in thats how it looks, what has happened??? I notice when feeding time comes around they all scab and none left for her... The smallest fish in the tank. Just starvation???
  15. Hmmmn??? I was going to paint a really dark blue. I really don't like the tacky normal blue most people have. I am not really fond of green though. Originally i liked black??? but the misses doesn't like black (too boring)... Will have to look around and see what dark colours i can find. really getting excited about painting it. Have to wait until i move house in december because its too much effort moving the tank. Thanks again guys.
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